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The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. provides legal representation to individuals who have suffered physical or mental injuries as a result of the intentional acts or negligent act of another person, corporation, government agency or other entity. With precise and calculated litigation skills, The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. will hold any person or entity accountable for their intentional or negligent conduct.


The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. is also skilled in obtaining closure for clients who have suffered the loss of a loved one. While there is no monetary figure that can replace the value of one’s life, as life, is unique and precious, The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. will tirelessly strive to obtain justice to hold all individuals or entities accountable for the tragic loss of your loved one.


The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. has represented families and individuals, as well as, minors, who have suffered injuries or loss of life as a result of catastrophic accidents, involving all automobile mobiles, including but not limited to, premise liability, slip and falls, dog bites, emotional distress, toxic poisoning, casino injuries, products liability, and medical malpractice.

Fields of Expertise

Breach of Contract, Civil Rights and Police Misconduct, Consumer Lemon Law, Consumer Class Action & Multijurisdictional Litigation, Debt & Insolvency, Elder Abuse, Insurance Coverage, Landlord-Tenant, Personal Injury & Mass Torts, Professional Mal-Practice, Real Estate, Wrongful Death


The medicinal and recreational cannabis industries are highly regulated businesses that are governed by strict federal, state and local laws and regulations that are pertinent to obtaining licenses for distribution, cultivation, processing and dispensing, and the many business activities that are ancillary to the core business functions for the successful operation of a cannabis business. 

The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. has extensive experience with the wide array of issues attendant to cannabis business activities, including licensing for cultivation, processing and dispensing; litigation; banking and finance; raising and deploying capital; protecting intellectual property; real estate development and leasing; public company representation and SEC filings; land use and zoning; healthcare and research; and taxation.

Fields of Expertise

Business Plans, Compliance & Regulation Review, Corporate Formation, Criminal Defense, Employee Handbooks, General Consulting & Support, ​License & Application Support


Every criminal case should be approached on its own merits. The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. works closely with our clients determine their goals and concerns. By working together, we assist our clients in navigating through the criminal justice system to give them their best chance at a successful result.


The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. offers zealous advocacy in our criminal defense cases. We are trial attorneys with the skills to use every aspect of the judicial process to help our clients achieve a positive result. We have the experience to represent clients in any criminal matter, including murder, kidnapping, fraud, battery, robbery and criminal threats. The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. has unparalleled experience to aggressively challenge the prosecution at every state of the criminal proceedings, and defend and protect the rights and liberty of our clients.


Every employee is entitled to equality and fairness in the workplace. The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. are resolute in the pursuit of justice for employees across all industries, sectors, professions and types of labor. Whether an employee has been terminated


The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. has successful experience gaining favorable results for clients in all employment practice areas, including sex, race, gender and age discrimination, harassment and retaliation, as well as, breach of contract, whistleblower claims, unpaid wages overtime and break claims, misclassifications of employment status, family medical leave, sexual harassment, disability rights, hostile work environment. The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. represents employees at unemployment benefits hearings and disability benefits hearings.

Fields of Expertise

California Wage and Hour, Employment Discrimination Class Actions, Non-compete Agreements and Trade Secrets, Whistleblower Litigation, ​Wrongful Termination and Retaliation Actions


The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C is committed to forming and maintaining longstanding client relationships, we familiarize ourselves with each client organization and advise on virtually every aspect of their business operations. We have built our reputation on a solid understanding of each company’s concerns, goals and daily operations. By working with our clients, we are able to develop solutions that increase value to and fortify the company’s principles to strategically focus the company’s business purpose.

The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C provides dedicated, quality service with a proven track record of skillful execution in all types of business routine and complex transactions. The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C also provides easily adaptable, practical tools for action and detailed solutions to the address the range of issues confronting our clients. We counsel our clients on labor and employment law, compliance issues, intellectual property protection and representation in litigation. Our interdisciplinary approach provides clients with solutions to a vast range of business problems.

Fields of Expertise

Contracts, Compliance and Risk Management, Corporate Formation, Corporate Governance, General Counsel Services, Intellectual Property, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Project Finance and Development


The reality is that every American will work tirelessly to establish their legacy to secure their future. The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. will help you prepare your estate plan by creating a will or trust that is specifically tailored to secure your legacy and to ensure that your estate will be managed and distributed as you desired, so that your loved ones will avoid the complex and expensive court litigation and family dissension.


In the event, that your loved one passes away without a will or trust, The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. will assist your family in navigating through the probate process. The issues are often closely bound to strong emotions. When a dispute arises in the probate process, The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. works skillfully and sensitively to negotiate a resolution that upholds your loved one’s interests. If an agreement is not an option, The Westmoreland Law Firm, P.C. will rely upon its litigation experience to fight for a favorable resolution to the dispute in the courtroom.

Fields of Expertise

Guardianships, Conservatorships, Wills, Trusts, Probate


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